Fur kid photo session – Cleo – She really is the Cutest Pup!

Cleo with her owner

It was a hot Summers morning when I headed down to the dog park to meet up with Cleo and her Hooman, Celeste for their Fur kid photo session.

Cleo was voted the Cutest Pup from the Halloween mini sessions that were held at Dogge Avenue & Co back in October so I knew we would be getting some super cute shots.

Cleo, a rescue pup who had only recently found her forever family arrived and set off investigating all the smells in the park. It was still early in the day but the Queensland sun was beating down on us so we knew we didn’t have long before we would all need to find somewhere to cool off, especially little Cleo with her super thick fur coat.

Thankfully, the park has a group of trees in the middle where we managed to find some shade.

Cleo was a superstar throughout, not phased by the heat or the other pups who came and played with their ball.

Here are some of the images from Cleo’s photo session:

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