If we’re not posing during our session, what will we do?

So, you’ve decided that a Storytelling session would be perfect for your family, maybe because Dad “hates having to pose for photo’s!” or perhaps because you want your children to be able to look back at photo’s that capture your families everyday life.

Whatever the reason, you’re probably thinking now about what activities would best show what your family gets up to on a regular basis, so here’s a good question to start with.

What will you miss the most when you look back on this time in your life?

With this in mind have a think about what activities you might like to do on the day.

To get you started here are a few ideas:

  • Bake a cake
  • Visit your favourite play park
  • Feed the Ducks
  • Do some crafts or painting on the dining table.
  • Read a book together on the couch
  • Play dress ups
  • Blow bubbles in the garden
  • Go to your favourite cafe and eat ice cream
  • Visit Grandma
  • Get the lego out

…the list is endless, just do whatever you regularly enjoy doing together as a family and you won’t just be receiving beautiful pictures of your family, you’ll be preserving the memories of what it is that makes your family unique.

Baking is a huge part of my families life at the moment, here are my 3 rapidly growing pre-schoolers enjoying some time in the kitchen:

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