30 Minutes of peace – 1

New year is a very busy time in my household,

with 4 birthdays in the first week of the year so it usually takes a couple of weeks for things start to calm down and return to reality for us.

I’ve spent those last couple of weeks knowing that I wanted to set myself a photo challenge for the year, but not being able to come up with an idea that I thought I could commit to. I knew I didn’t want to start a 365 project and was looking for either a weekly or monthly challenge that I could adapt to suit my circumstances.

Just as I was starting to feel like I’d missed the boat and the first month was getting away from me without finding my challenge I received an e-mail from Digital Photography Mentor explaining their monthly challenge for January “30 minutes challenge”. As my biggest problem at the moment is finding time just for Me, I knew straight away that I could easily adapt this to be my 2017 challenge.

Here’s how it works:

You set off for a walk. after exactly 10 minutes you stop and spend 10 minutes taking photo’s then turn around and walk for the last 10 minutes back to where you started.

Why does this fit so well for me? It’s because the only time that I have (during daylight hours) that I can forget about my three 5 year olds and do something just for me is the 45 minutes between dropping them off for their Karate lesson and picking them up again.

Now you know why I chose to call the challenge “My 30 minutes of peace”.

Here’s my first attempt at peace and tranquility ( I even managed to fit in a self portrait), and I kid you not, the alarm went off at 10 minutes as I walked over the bridge, I looked down and there were the Turtles:

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