Texture – How can texture help to preserve memories?

A great way to connect through a photograph is to stimulate the senses, a photo of your Mum cradling a mug with steam coming from it can take you back to a cold winters night drinking hot chocolate in the living room of your childhood home, it might even bring back memories of the smell and taste of the hot chocolate as well. In the same way a close-up of little fingers exploring the texture of sand at the beach or stroking the stubble on Dads chin can help make a connection in years to come.

When you want to include texture in your photo’s, think about where the light is coming from. A rock could look smooth with the light shining straight at it from the front, but if the light is coming from the side, above or below it can appear much rougher.

Here are a few ideas for including texture in your everyday photo’s:

1: Pets

Feathered or furry, cuddling or stroking a pet is a great way to include texture in your photo’s

2: Flowers

The delicate texture of flowers can add something special to a photo and what could be sweeter than a photo of your son/daughter handing you a flower.

3: Cuddly toys

Everyone has a favourite cuddly toy at some stage. My daughter was given a Jemima Puddleduck as a Christening present at 11 months old, at some point I managed to get her a 2nd one so that I could swap them for washing or in case one ever got lost. One day she saw the two together, announced that “Mimey has a twin” and they have had to stay together ever since.

4: Sand

Wether its at the beach, the play park, or the sandpit in the garden, kids love to get sand between their toes.

5: Clothing

A soft knitted jumper, an intricate lace top, a fluffy towel, rough work trousers, a satin dress.

Clothes are another great way to add texture to a photo.


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