On the floor – Getting down to their level

Perspective can have a huge impact on how we connect with an image. Are we looking up at an imposing character? or are we high above a city street looking down on a tiny bus?

If you want to look back at your photo’s and feel like you are right there with your child building Lego on the kitchen floor, you need to get down there with them!

If your kids are anything like mine they will love showing off their creations for the camera (Lego/drawings/playdoh..etc) or even put on a bit of a show for you with their toys. If they’re not yet at this stage, just capturing a smile or them pushing up off the floor, playing with their feet, reaching for a toy, rolling over can look amazing from such a low point of view.

Another interesting idea to try while you’re down on the floor would be to take photo’s of your environment from your childs point of view. Do they love hiding under the table? maybe you could get under the table with them and take a photo’s of another family member going about their daily routine – making a coffee, watching TV, reading the paper etc. Do they have a cubby? Try taking photo’s from the inside looking out at the world.

Have you ever tried using boardwalk chalk to draw a scene on the path/driveway and then get your kids to lie down and pretend that they are part of the scene (picking flowers/ floating in space/fairy wings/sitting in a boat/floating on a cloud……). This is a great way for you to create something amazing together as a team, the kids get Mum and/or Dad to play with them and you get some awesome colourful and creative photo’s.

Next time you see your little ones playing or getting creative on the floor, grab your camera, get down there and join them! The best thing about preserving memories is the fun we have making them!!


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