Help your Fur Kids enjoy the cooler months

Have you noticed the change in the weather?  Had to get the doona out of it’s summer hiding spot and brush off the winter Jeans? Winter is fast approaching and our beloved Fur kids are loving it!

It’s my favourite time of the year. And it’s pretty awesome for my dog Lucy as well. She’s a Boxer so the summer months can be tough, walks need to happen around sunrise or sunset to avoid the heat and her primary focus is on keeping hydrated and cool.

When the cooler months roll around she has so much more energy for running around and having fun.


1: Keep an eye on your OAP’s

Older dogs can struggle with stiff aching joints when the weather cools down. Help them out by offering a cosy warm place to snuggle with extra blankets away from any drafts or damp. Encouraging them to get some exercise each day will get their circulation going and help build up stronger muscles.

2: Remove your jacket when you come inside!

I grew up in the Lake District in the UK and I remember my Mum always telling me to take my jacket off while I’m inside “Or you won’t feel the benefit when you go out!” This applies to our Furry friends too if they are lucky enough to own a jacket. Another downside of forgetting to remove their jacket when they come inside is that they may actually end up overheating.

3: Bath or shower when it’s warm

Keeping your pets fur clean and free of tangles will help them keep warm in the winter months, but make sure they have somewhere warm and sheltered to dry off after their wash. I could quote my Mum again regarding going out without drying your hair properly, but I think you get the picture.

4: Book your Fur Kid photoshoot

If it’s a great time of year for daytime walks and running around in parks then it’s also a great time of year to schedule a Fur Kid Portrait session! There’s still going to be drool and mud and crazy flapping lip faces, but those precious Fur Kids aren’t going to be quite so exhausted after 5 mins of running around for the camera. It’s the perfect time of year to capture that contented puppy smile:

Aussie bulldog


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