The GayleMarie Experience Part 3 – The Artwork

This is where it gets really exciting.

  • During your photo session we will have booked in your viewing and purchasing appointment for sometime in the next 2 weeks.
  • The viewing session will normally happen in the studio, this is when you get to see your beautiful images for the first time. We will discuss how you want to display your images and work out which size and medium will suit you the best. Options include Canvas , Framed prints and Aluminium HD metal prints all ready to hang on the wall. If you have trouble choosing just one piece there are also packages available.
  • Once you have chosen your artwork and placed your order, a deposit will be required before the final product can be manufactured.
  • The timeframe for manufacturing your final product will depend on what you have chosen. Most standard orders can be delivered within 2-3 weeks of the deposit being paid.
  • Next you get to enjoy your very own custom artwork for years to come. Delivery day is a bit like christmas morning but without the tree.
  • Note: Final payment will be required before your goods are delivered.


  • Prints start at $165
  • Canvas start at $325
  • Matted Print collections start at $450

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