Nine different paths

This month I’m going to start my “Puppy dog Tales” series by sharing the stories of 9 special dogs who have all traveled down different paths that lead them all to the same happy, kind and loving home where they are spending their golden years being loved and cared for by some pretty awesome human beings – Karen & Jamie.

I asked Karen and Jamie to share with me the story of how each of these golden oldies came to be living with them.

Here are their stories in Karen’s words:


Milly moo

“An elderly lady could no longer look after her as her husband had died and she was going into care. It was love at first sight when I saw her and every day since and she has been with us for 4 years now. Our beautiful girl.”


Andy - Rescue Dog

“Chained to the shelter gate he did not even look like a dog when the shelter staff found him. He was so badly matted it took 3 hours to groom him. No one could pick Andy up he growled and bit everyone at the shelter and he sat there in a pen on his own for 10 months. Several people tried to adopt him thinking they could train him but every person bought him back to the shelter on the same day as he had bitten or attacked them. the shelter did not know what to do they thought he would have to live out his life at the shelter. They knew Jamie and I only took in old senior dogs but they gave me a call as I had been mum to several cranky senior dogs and even though Andy was only 4 at the time, I went to meet him. Andy made eye contact with me which he never did with any humans and he let me pick him up much to the amazement and fright of the volunteers at the shelter. We both knew he had found his Mum and home he came. Andy has bitten me, attacked me several times over the past 2 years but out of fear and I have never been mad at him. I understand him. He made me cry once, I was bathing him and I wasn’t paying attention to his body language and he chopped down very hard. I cried and he was so sad he had done what he did. I could see that in his eyes. I can hold, cuddle, kiss, pat and be with Andy but no one else can. Jamie cannot touch him only if Jamie has food he will take out of Jamie’s hand with no issues. Andy is such a different dog since when he first came home. He is so much calmer and content as he knows this is his home and I am his mum forever. I just accept him as he is, a bit different.”


Toby - rescue dog

“He came to us at the age of 14 over 2 years ago as palliative care as he has a large cancerous growth in his mouth and the vet at the rescue said he did not have long and just to make him comfortable. Toby came with Yogi bear a corgi/dachshund who was very senior as well and who passed away 10 months ago sadly. They had lost their home and they had been together all their lives. We don’t mind taking in palliative care babies as I love giving them lots of love and care for no matter how much time they have left. So I took Toby to our vet and we tried a steroid to see if this would stop the fast-growing cancer and to our surprise and complete joy, it did. Toby has no trouble eating or drinking and he is still a very active senior who is so full of love and affection. He was very sad when we lost our Yogi bear but he bounced back knowing he had his Mum and Dad here for him. Our Toby.”


Scrap Rescue pup

“My little man. He came to us in 2017 as his previous owners were moving overseas, he was 14. He took to us immediately from the very first time we met he did not want to leave us and he never will. He knew he was home and he had his Mum and Dad. Scrap is a very special boy who is very dependant on Jamie and I as his eyesight is going and he is deaf but don’t let his size fool you, he tells the big dogs off when he wants his way and they never mess with Scrap, they just all love him like we do. 💕


Sammy - Rescue dog

“Our beautiful boy. The shelter called to say they had Sammy come in as his owner had passed away.  No one could care for him as he has a serious heart condition that requires expensive medicine each month and he did not have much time left. He is 15. So, of course, Sammy came home and he settled in beautifully. He sleeps with us each night as we have to monitor his heart and condition and also he has seizures which require his meds and cuddles when he has a seizure. Sammy still has a great quality of life he loves his walks, he loves to potter around and he loves to be with us his Mum and Dad. He stands his ground with the big dogs and they always give him room to move when they see him coming. We know he is not going to be with us for a long time but the time he is here, he is going to be so loved and cared for. Our Sammy. 💕


Riley - Rescue pup

“She is 12, full of energy and the fastest moving senior I have seen in a long time. She is a greyhound/Rhodesian ridgeback mix and the minute I laid eyes on her I thought she looked like a Dingo, it was love at first sight. Her previous owner was going to shoot her, he didn’t want her anymore and she needed medication for her arthritis and her teeth worked on and he didn’t want to spend money on her. A person who knew this was going to happen took Riley and said to the man she would find her a home. She took Riley to the shelter and they called us and this lady saved Riley’s life that day. Riley is super affectionate always looking for hugs and kisses and she is still an amazing athlete for a senior girl. She can chase our goats and sheep like a youngster. Riley has been with us for 6 months and we were truly blessed the day she arrived to be our girl.”



Dash - Rescue dog

“Very hard for me to write this as he only passed away unexpectedly a month ago our beautiful boy. Dash’s owner could no longer care for him, he was 13 and again, he was pure love at first sight. Dash loved food, any food, if it was in his bowl, the floor, on the couch, in the crack of the couch, well anywhere, he loved it. He could eat his food faster than any of the babies and then he went looking to see who might not eat all their dinner….Our darling boy was so loving and his favorite thing in the whole world was his car ride to Dayboro bakery every weekend where he cleaned the floors and tried hard to get into the kitchen at the bakery where everyone loved him. All our seniors over the past 15 years have been so special, unique and amazing as was this boy. Dash was always happy, he always looked happy and he slept on his bed on the floor in our room every night right beside me which is where his ashes are placed now, on his bed in our room. We miss him so much. We took his ashes to the bakery last week to remember and honor our boy. He would have loved that. Our Dash.”

Ruby 14

Ruby - rescue dog

….and Big Timmy 12

Timmy - Rescue dog

“Ruby and Timmy were left on a property by themselves for 10 months as their original owner was in the hospital with terminal cancer. No one in her family could take them and a rescue called us as they could not find anyone to take them. We, of course, said yes and they have been with us for a year and a half now. Both Timmy and Ruby settled in quickly they were desperate for love and affection they had been on their own for so long. We have been so blessed to be their Mum and Dad💜

If you know of a senior dog in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area with a story to tell, I would love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments below or send me an email. 


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