A moment with Charlene – Author of Battle Scars

Charlene - gone to soon

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Sadly, Charlene lost her battle this morning 3/2/18 Rest in Peace my friend xxx

My beautiful friend Charlene has endured more than anyone should, she is fighting Cancer now for the second time and yet she is still smiling and working hard to help raise awareness so that others might not have to endure what she has.

I remember chatting with Charlene not long after I first met her, she had already endured her first fight with Ovarian Cancer and was close to finishing her Book “Battle Scars”.

She told me how it had taken so long for her symptoms to be recognised and lead to a cancer diagnosis. It was because of this she wanted to raise peoples awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian cancer.

She also said something else to me that day that has stuck with me ever since and often comes to mind when it’s needed most. She told me to “stop worrying about the little things.”

Now, she wasn’t the first person to say this to me and I’m sure she won’t be the last. The difference is that shortly after receiving this advice I read Charlene’s book “Battle Scars” in which she is brutally honest and open about her experience.
I had no Idea what she had been going through. I still can’t claim to fully understand or know how she feels but I can place the weight of the emotions that I felt as I read “Battle Scars” behind that snippet of advice I was given by the lady who wrote it.
Suddenly, worrying about a rental property inspection, completing my tax return, or fixing a broken laptop isn’t an option any more.

Thank you Charlene xxx

Keep fighting like a girl!