What is a storytelling photo session


Fur kid tails - at the beachDo you feel like time is passing by too quickly and your babies or your fur kids are growing up too fast?

Do you wish you could stop time and hold onto those special moments?

…. those cheeky smiles, the playful wrestling, cooling off by jumping over the water sprinkler, camping out bush.

When you look back at the images of your own childhood, which ones bring back the most emotion and the clearest memories of how your life was back then?

I doubt that it’s the posed family shots, more likely a photo of grandma reading to you or everyone squeezing into the family car for the summer road trip.

A Storytelling session can capture some of those moments for you so you and your children can look back in years to come and experience those feelings all over again through the images that I capture on the day.

There is no posing involved, no special clothes to wear, you don’t even need to tidy the house. This is about capturing the real everyday moments in your lives, the highs and the lows, the perfect and the not so perfect. It’s a true representation of how your life is right now.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and let me capture the beauty of your “Everyday” then contact me now to talk about how we can best create the perfect session for your family.